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Music education, teaching and games

Instrument Encyclopedia
Allegro - The Music Education Search Site
MiBAC Music Software Home Page
European SchoolNet
M U S I K N E T in Sveden
Net Conferencing in Music Distance Education: Observations on a Pilot Project.
Picture Gallery of Composers
Matti Jordmanin atomistisia musiikin teorian harjoituksia
WSOYn koulukanava

Data sources and Programming

Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers
Sunhawk Corporation
Programming Language list
Music - free classical sheet music downloads
Sonosphere - electric/improvisational/eclectic music
Shareware Music Machine
Music on the net
The Internet's Music-Only Search Site
Classical music (MIDI & MP3 files)
Sample Library

Software & Tools

Xpectral Modeling Synthesis Homepage
Music Software - Shareware Music Machine
MusiKinetix MegaMAX (UI for MAX software)
The Sonic Spot
The (unofficial) home page of the MAX community
PLUM - Programming Languages Used for Music
Sibelius Software
EarLevel Engineering (Be careful! Could crash your machine)
VocalWriter Home Page (Interesting singing software for Mac OS9)
Lobjects for MAX programming environment
The SuperCollider Home Page
MAX programming environment (now also for Win!!!)
Max Resource Guide
computer music programs . macintosh
Welcome to BIAS!
Grame - MidiShare (MIDI I/O driver for Mac)
Java Music Projects
Steinberg - Welcome to Steinberg
TGTools Plug-In Collection for Finale
KeyKit Download Site
Music Software


The I-Cube System

Acoustics and Science

Fourier Synthesis
Just Intoneation Net
The Science of Music Performance
Java Fourier Synthesis

MIDI and Utilities

MIDI User's Internet Guide


Eating an Ear (requires Beatnik-plugin)
Perpetual Mood Machine
The vOICe Sonification Applet
Lexikon-Sonate online (Javascript. Wait...It will load...)

Organizations & Institutions

Center for Electronic and Computer Music
Audio Engineering Society
International Computer Music Association


Editable and interactive digital music sheet
SSEYO Koan generative music homesite
Welcome to U&I software